> Prioritize Tasks
> Maintain user preferences for personalized Dashboard view
Dashboard Tree
> View filtered list based on user preferences
> Filters and refines tree search
Open Inspections
> Any inspection type that has a Review Time equal to zero
Upcoming Inspections
> Displays future "Routine" inspections using a calculated date based upon the last routine, priority and any additional days denoted in the user preferences
Past Due
> Routine inspections that are past the current date
> Any inspection with type "Routine" that has a Re-Inspection to be completed
Owner Information Window
> Individual and/or company who owns the establishment being inspected.
> Manage Owner Contact and Mailing details
Owner Establishments Tree
> Also known as the location being inspected
> Add new Establishments
> Edit/review existing Establishments
> Review previous inspections
> Create new inspections
Establishment Information Window
> Establishment Address
> Priority Levels determine frequency  of inspections (ex: Low Priority - 365  days; High Priority - 122 days)
Permit Information
> Track current and previous permit information
> sSet Priority to automatically determine dates for Last Routine Inspection and Next Routine Inspection
Inspection Information Window
> The procedure the field inspector takes to ensure the establishment is in compliance
> Summarized view of Violations (Critical and Non-Critical)  and Temperature Observations
Violation Summary
> Violation listing Critical,  Non-Critical and Swing
Quick Search
> By Violation Code
Violation Icons
> Critical, non-critical, swing
Violation Summary
> Definition of Violation